He Alone Remained With Me.

As Fr. Pishoy sat beside the man he said to him, "I hope all your problems have been solved. You seem happy."

"No, " he responded, "everything is the same, but I realize that Jesus is dwelling in me when I go through some tribulation and struggle. I will tell you of a dream, or perhaps a vision, that filled me with joy.

"I went to sleep very broken hearted, so broken hearted that I was at the point of committing suicide. I decided that I was going to throw myself from a very high mountain. On my way to the mountain, I encountered many of my friends. They all gave me comforting words of consolation, but I didn't feel that I could share my agony with any of


As I continued on my way towards the mountain, I met a priest who gave me good words, but the agony in my heart increased as he spoke of the promises of God. I was not even able to accept his words.

Further along on my way, I met an angel who told me about the joys of heaven and how the faithful are waiting for their brothers and sisters to join them in the life of praise and joy in heaven. He also talked to me about life on earth, with all its agony, but in my stupidity I insisted to continue on my way-to suicide.

As I continued on, I reached the top of the mountain. From there I could here the voices of my friends, the priest and the angels weeping for me. But I was to distressed to give them any attention. I realized that all of them loved me, but none of them were able to solve my problems.

Finally, I threw myself from the mountain. My body slammed into a rock and I started to bleed. Before I knew what was going on, I heard a sound, as of a man who had fallen beside me.

It was Jesus. He threw Himself after me to save me from certain death. Everyone tried to save me, but it was Jesus alone who was able to come to me, even to the point of death, to give me life. By His wounds, he healed my wounds. He is the only one who can go to my tomb to offer me the resurrection. He has the power to convert my darkness into light and my agony into joy."

Always With Me

I will never fear
I will never lose hope.
He is with me.
Allow me, O Lord, to see Your hands open to embrace me.
Yes Lord, I see You in the depth of my heart where your holy spirit lifts my heart to You.
I hear your voice through the world around me, through my family, through my father of confession, through my brothers in Christ.
I see You transfigured before me and enter into a deep conversation with you through your Bible that is full of joy and Your holy Church.


(Copied from : Short Stories for Youth -- By Hegemon Tadros Yacoub Malaty Church of The Martyr St. George - Sporting, Alexandria -- Story # 11 )

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