Introduction to The Divine Liturgy

Define: Liturgy, Rites, Anaphora, Catechumen, Litanies

Why the priest during the Pauline Epistle reading go around the church anticlockwise?

How many hours we abstain from food and drink before taking the Holy Communion and why?

Why the priest crosses his hands when he chooses the lamb?

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The Divine Liturgy - Part 2

In the Raising of Incense, how many spoons of incense does the priest add? why?

In the offertory prayer and in the selection of the Lamb, what is the requirement in the Lamb and how many korban there should be?

What are the Katameros Readings?

Why do we read Psalm before the Gospel reading?

In the fraction part of the liturgy, which part of the lamb the priest separates and where it goes? How and Why?

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The Canon Law


Who has the authority to forgive sins?

(T/F) The apostles were given the authority to continue Christ's work on earth

What is the hierarchy of power as given by Christ?

Where in the gospel the mention of the first council and what was it formed to discuss?

(T/F) Christ is the one who formed the rank of deaconry

How do you define Church?

List the 4 reasons why the Canon Law was established

What is the origin of the word Canon?

What are the types of Canon Law? and define these two types

What are the five sources of Canon Law?

What is the model of authority of the Orthodox Church?

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The Canon Law


What is Canon Law?

What is the goal of Canon Law?

What are the sources of Canon Law?



How many Psalms in each Agpeya hour?

Order the following according to the agpeya structure: Thanksgiving Prayer, Kyrie Elayson, Trisagion, Psalm 50, Hail to you, Troparia, Gospel

From where in the Bible we got the 7 times per day to pray?

What are the themes of the Third, Sixth, and Ninth hours?

(T/F) The Morning Prayer is also known as the Prime or Matins

(T/F) The Prayer of the Eleventh hour is also known as the Vespers

(T/F) The Prayer of Sleep is also known as the Compline

"Pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

"Seven times a day I praise You because of Your righteous judgement" Psalm 119:164


Coptic Iconography

Define Icon and list the three icon categories

(T/F) Icons are Painted not Written

What are the inspiration of Coptic Iconography?

What are the main treats of an iconographer?

What is the general style of the Coptic Iconography?

Give 3 color symbolism in Coptic Iconography

What does the tree with seven fruits in Saint Mark's icon symbolizes?

What does the three sparkles in Saint Mary's icon symbolizes?

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Midnight Praises

6 Coptic Tunes

What is Midnight Praises?

(T/F) Tasbeha is the Arabic translation of "Praises"

What is the purpose of Tasbeha?

Define: Psalmody, Doxology, and Theotokia

What are the Adam and Watos days?

What are the five ecclesiastical tunes of the season?

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